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Tummy Trimmer or Waist Trimmer Belt

Do tummy trimmer or waist trimmer belts work?

I did have the same doubt as you do, but it gave me hope when my confinement lady told me that it helps many new mommies back to their pre-pregnancy "SHAPE". The "doubt" is because people believe that tummy trimmer (tummy trimmer and waist trimmer belts are the same, so I just name it tummy trimmer) can help to lose weight. No, no, no... it does not help to shed the fat from your body but it does a wonderful job to "RESHAPE" your figure to make you looks curvy and flatten up your tummy.

A lot of moms asked me the same question,
"How could you have such a flat tummy?"
"Didn't you deliver your babies via Cesarean Section?"
"Women went through C-Section would have a bulging midsections discreetly..."
"What kind of exercise you do?"

Some mommies though they have returned to their pre-pregnancy weight but the figures are gone, bulging tummy is the disturbing scene. They think they would never return to their pre-pregnancy figure, unless they take strenuous exercise and regular yoga sessions. No, it is not the case. I was also a busy working mom who couldn't afford to spare 10 minutes for any exercise because I had no maid, no helper and required to breast feed the new borns. What I did and still doing it when I need a quick fix to fit in my tomorrow working dress. Just wrap a tummy trimmer on before I go to sleep. When I wake up, "Wholla, I am so confident and I can slip in my figure hugging dress to work!"

Why am I so confident in tummy trimmer because my confinement lady has helped so many mommies return to their pre-pregnancy figures, some within one month! And also, there was once a Hong Kong famous actor needed to fit in a female role, he wore the tummy trimmer 24 hours a day for 30 days to shrink down his 33 inches waist to 26 inches!

Ladies, do not dream for 24 inches waist anymore, put into action and get one tummy trimmer or waist trimmer belt now! Wear it while you are sleeping, or you can wear a waist cincher during daytime.

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